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Skylab Command Van

The Skylab Command Van and associated UHF (circular polarization) Command Antenna in early 1973.

In 1973, Skylab was launched from the Kennedy Space Center.
Engineer John Berry and Operator Richard Black manned this transportable van set up in the car park next to the main Honeysuckle operations building. Phil Rutherford was also an operator of the UHF link and worked out of that van on occasions.

Inside the van was a huge Klystron, which provided a high powered UHF uplink signal to the orbiting spacecraft. During passes, commands were sent from this van to Skylab.

Photo: John Berry.

Skylab receive antenna

The Skylab Teltrac (receive) antenna is visible at far right – behind the microwave tower.

Photo: Hamish Lindsay.

Skylab era

Looking over the Honeysuckle Operations Building to the 26 metre antenna, from the Skylab Command antenna.

Photo: Hamish Lindsay. Scan: Colin Mackellar.