Guam Tracking Station

Guam during Apollo 11

M&O console during Apollo 11

The Guam M & O (i.e. Operations) Console during Apollo 11.

Tom White and Brian Riehle (foreground).


Apollo 11 Astronauts visit

rian and Ed

Brian Riehle and Ed Proctor Jr.
at the airport in Agana on November 2nd or 3rd 1969, as the Apollo 11 crew visits Guam.

Photo: Brian Riehle. (updated scan)

Neil Armstrong in Guam

Neil Armstrong greets well-wishers
as his Apollo 11 crew visits Guam.
(The astronauts and their wives were in Guam on November 2 and 3, 1969, after having flown from Sydney.)

Photo: Brian Riehle.


Other photos

Aaron Dutton

The Guam 9 meter USB antenna.

Note the man in hard hat using a hose to water the grass. Large version here.

Photo: Brian Riehle.


Guam Tracking Station.

Al Fong took this photo from near the Coll Tower, about 1.2km from the main buildings.

Click the image for a larger version, or here for a 1.1MB higher resolution scan.

Al used a Pentax Sport camera with a 85-210mm zoom lens.

Aaron Dutton

Aaron Dutton, 1966.

Photo: Brian Riehle.

Aaron Dutton

Aaron Dutton.

Photo: Brian Riehle.


Univac 642B at Guam
March 1966. Photo: Brian Riehle.