Extract from Apollo 11 Tape

0.00 Honeysuckle (Dinn) Honeysuckle LOS CSM
0.25 Houston TV Goldstone video, Houston TV, Net 2
  Goldstone Goldstone Video, go ahead
  Houston TV Roger, are you receiving any kind of FM downlink?
0.30 Goldstone Houston TV, Goldstone Video
  Houston TV Go ahead, Goldstone video
  Goldstone Roger we do have FM downlink, we are not receiving TV
    at this time
  Houston TV Roger
  Goldstone TV on line, Goldstone TV on line
1.05 Honeysuckle (Dinn) Honeysuckle video on line
  Houston TV Houston TV, we have both sites 5 by
  Houston TV Goldstone Video, Houston TV
  Goldstone Goldstone video, go ahead
  Houston TV Can you confirm that your reverse switch is in the
    proper position for the camera being upside down?
  Goldstone Stand by, we will go to reverse position
    We are in reverse
  Houston TV Roger, thank you
2.50 Houston TV All stations, we have just switched video to Honeysuckle
3.00 [on moon]  
  RTC Honeysuckle, RTC, Net 2
  Honeysuckle Honeysuckle
5.30 RTC Roger, take your on site history, put end of file please
  Honeysuckle Wilco
6.20 Houston TV All stations, Houston TV. We have just switched
    to Goldstone video
7.00 Honeysuckle (Reid) RTC, Honeysuckle, Net 2
7.15 Houston TV Honeysuckle, Houston TV. We have just switched back to
    you again.
  Honeysuckle Roger
  Honeysuckle (Reid) RTC, Honeysuckle Net 2
  RTC Go ahead Honeysuckle
  Honeysuckle (Reid) Confirm end of file
  RTC Roger, thank you
7.20 Houston TV Goldstone TV, Houston TV
  Goldstone Goldstone TV, go ahead
  Houston TV Roger, would you check your polarity switch please
  Goldstone Roger
  Houston TV That's better
8.20 Houston TV All stations, Houston TV. Switching to Goldstone
9.35 Ops (Reid) SUDS, OPS, Alpha. Can you confirm we are
    receiving Parkes data now?
  SUDS (Gallegos) Yes
  Ops (Reid) OK, take out receiver 1 and put in Parkes main
    demod 4 PM
10.15 Sydney Video Houston TV, Sydney video.
  Houston TV Houston TV, go ahead
  Sydney Video Please be advised I have a very good picture from
    Parkes, shall I give it to you?
  Houston TV Roger
  Sydney Video You have It
  Houston TV Roger, beautiful picture, thank you
10.26 Houston TV We are switching to Parkes at this time
  Goldstone Houston Comtech, Net 2
  Houston Houston Comtech
  Goldstone Did you copy that uplink on the dowlink at that
    Time ?
  Houston Yes sir we did
  Goldstone Roger
  Network (Randall) Honeysuckle, Network, Net 2
  TIC Honeysuckle, TIC, Net 2
  Honeysuckle (Reid) Network, Honeysuckle
  Network Go ahead TIC
11.12 TIC What is the signal strength from Parkes ?
  Honeysuckle Standby
  Honeysuckle Signal level is negative 89
11.40 TIC Negative 89, thank you
  Network (Randall) Honeysuckle, Network
12.05 Honeysuckle (Reid) Network Honeysuckle
  Network (Randall) Right, you might pass on to the Parkes people tbeir
    labour was not in vain, they've given us the best TV
  Honeysuckle (Reid) Roger, thank you very much, they'll appreciate that,
    they're monitoring.




RTC Houston Real lime Command
TIC Houston Telemetry Instrumentation Controller
Network Houston's ground network controller, sitting in the main control room
Houston TV TV/Video selection controller
Ops Honeysuckle Ops Supervisor Mike Dinn and Tom Reid, plus John Saxon assistant)
Net 2 World wide network, Houston to/from tracking stations
SUDS S bands Data Demodulation System (Kevin Gallegos)
Alpha Main internal Honeysuckle intercomm loop
Sydney Video A position at OTC, responsible for selecting video source to Houston (Parkes or