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Bruce Withey

Bob Campbell in the Comms Section working on a teletype machine.

Photo: Hamish Lindsay.

Bruce Withey

Bruce Withey on duty. Probably 1968.

Scan: Bruce Withey.

Bruce Withey

Here’s another photo of Bruce Withey taken at the same time.

Preserved by Hamish Lindsay, scanned by Colin Mackellar.

John Saxon and Ken Lee

Operations Supervisors John Saxon (left) and Ken Lee at the Operations Console.

Photo: Hamish Lindsay.

From left: George Howell (technician) as ‘Data’, John Vanderkly (recorder operator), Peter McGinity (technician) at decom, and Bill Waugh (engineer) at another decom.

Bruce Withey notes, “The only person in this photo who worked on Apollo 8 was Bill Waugh. The desks shown also were not in that position for the flight.”

So it was taken in early Apollo days – but does anyone know when?

(Photo: Ron Hicks. With thanks to Ken Sheridan for help with the ID.)

Laurie Turner and Andrew Tupalski

Laurie Turner and Andrew Tupalski.

Note the HOD on Laurie’s desk.

Photo: Ed von Renouard.

afternoon tea

“Waiter” Jim Hanlon brings in the afternoon tea.
Laurie Turner in the foreground.

Photo: Ed von Renouard.

something funny

Time for a joke.

From left: Jim Hanlon and John McLeod. Next comes Les Hughes and then Laurie Turner.

Photo: Ed von Renouard.

Recorders during Apollo 16

The recorders during Apollo 16.
Is this Les Hughes in the distance and Laurie Turner on the left?

Photo: Ed von Renouard.

HSK troops at Tharwa pub

Some of the Honeysuckle team
at the Tharwa Post Office / store in 1972.

Front from Left
Eric Way, Les Hughes
(crouching), Fred Hill, Paul Hutchinson, John Berry (leaning on the shovel), Peter Smith (just), Tony Jurd, Gary Sykes, Graham Fraser (sitting).

Back Row
Albert Lewis, Frank Hain?, Paul Elkerbout talking to Lisa Jensen, Peter Cohn and Len Litherland

plus various kids belonging to the Post Office.

Scan: John Berry.
With thanks to John Saxon and Ian Edgar for help with the names.

Ron Chivers

Tech Ron Chivers in the computer section,
with the 1218 computer in the background.

Scan: Ron Chivers.

Ron, Bryan, Kit

L-R: Ron Chivers, Bryan Sullivan and Operator “Kit” Kitsopea.

The huge mag tape drives, and the Up-Data-Buffer are in the background.

Scan: Ron Chivers.

Tony Cobden and Bruce Hamilton

STC Company Manager Tony Cobden (left) and
Company Administration Officer Bruce Hamilton.

Photo taken in July 1969 by Hamish Lindsay.

The black and white photos below almost certainly come from the (now defunct) Australian News and Information Bureau.

Tony Cobden and the antenna, 1969.

Tony was the second STC Company Manager.

Jim Hanlon

Jim Hanlon at decomms in 1969.

Paul Mullen at servo
Paul Mullen

Paul Mullen

Paul Mullen at the servo desk in 1969.

Dave Ralph

Dave Ralph at the Communications patch board, 1969.

Tom Reid

Tom Reid, Station Director 1967–70, at his desk.

Receivers 21 July 1969
Receivers 21 July 1969

From left:

Graham Fraser (Receiver 2), Ross Barnes (Exciter 2), Alan Foster (Receiver 3), Eric Gadd (Receiver 4).

Just after the Apollo 11 Moon Walk – Monday 21 July 1969 (Australian time).

Frames from a Super 8 movie by Ed von Renouard.


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